Best Bowie Knife Under $100

Bowie knives are primarily used for camping and hunting. The efficient and prolific bowie knives can also be taken on board for a reasonable price. The Knife has a thick blade to work easily with the wood and bushes. The handle of the Bowie knives should have full tang so that there is no imbalance while working.

The knife can also be used for hunting and also eases out the job of skinning and removing the gut of your game. The clip point of the knife helps in working with the game and other things that needed a clip point to deal with the task.

The blade can be of different materials like a high carbon steel blade, Damascus steel blade or stainless steel blade or mirror polished steel blade. The quality and the material of the blade are also important to choose the bowie knife.

The handle of the bowie knife comes in different wood, bone material, Santoprene material and also another laser pattern. The guard which is extended in between the handle and the blade protects the fingers of the users from getting hurt due to friction.

Most of the Bowie knives have thick blades and weigh heavy except the minimalist variety of the Bowie knives. Bowie knives also have creative designs which make them the best knife amongst knife collectors. To make your job easier in buying the beautiful bowie knives, we have listed some top rated and most opted bowie knives in this page.

Comparison Chart of Best Bowie Knife Under $100

Product NameBlade MaterialBlade LengthHandleProduct Link
Nescole Damascus Handmade Bowie Knife

Damascus steel blade9 inchWalnut wooden handleCheck on Amazon
Poshland REG-215 - Handmade Damascus Steel Bowie Knife

Damascus steel blade9 inchMarandi wooden handleCheck on Amazon
Moorhaus D2 Handmade Bowie Knife

Mirror polished steel blade9.5 inchMicarta Multi-layered handleCheck on Amazon
Moorhaus Damascus Steel Bowie Knife with Leather Sheath

Damascus steel blade7.5 inchWooden handleCheck on Amazon
Poshland Handmade Damascus Steel with Wood and Bone Handle

Damascus steel blade10.5 inchMarandi wood and Bone handleCheck on Amazon
Condor Tool & Knife, Jungle Bowie knife with Santoprene Handle

High Carbon steel blade11 inchSantoprene handleCheck on Amazon

#1 Nescole Damascus Handmade Bowie Knife

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The knife is traditional by the look but can do all the work as a camping, survival, hunting and outdoor activities knife. The blade speaks the artisan’s work, and the Damascus steel blade has a sharp edge with good retention.

The blade goes thin and thick, and the full tang handle provides a comfortable grip and makes it ergonomic to work with the tough wood. The Damascus steel guard protects the fingers during friction while cutting anything hard.

The handle is a walnut wood handle which gives a neat finish and appearance for the knife. The length of the blade is 9 inch and comfortable for a big hand. The knife also comes with the genuine leather sheath that is durable enough for the storage.

The two grooves in the handle offer the required control — the knife weights heavy which are apt for cutting down the branches and bushes. Overall the knife is a great buy for its price, look and working.


  • Aesthetic appearance
  • Sharp Damascus steel blade
  • Full tang handle
  • Walnut wooden handle adds up more beauty and also strength
  • Grooves present in the handle gives comfortable hold


  • The handle may be quite big for some users

#2 Poshland REG-215 – Handmade Damascus Steel Bowie Knife

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The knife is made for tradition and perfection of work. The blade length is approximately 9 inches. The Damascus steel blade gives a nice cut to the wood and delivers the required output. The thickness of the blade is good for camping, hunting, survival, and other backyard activities.

The handle of the knife is made of Marandi wood which gives a rustic look to the knife. The blade may rust if not taken the right care of it. This knife is similar to the above Nescole Bowie knife with only difference with the handle material.

The knife is long enough to handle and work with confidence comfortably. The genuine leather sheath provided along with the knife is durable and long-lasting. The handle of the knife is big which can be an advantage as well as a disadvantage for some users.

The grooves provide the expected grip while using. The full tang handle also does justice for the tasks undertaken.


  • Strong Damascus steel blade
  • Used for multiple activities
  • Strong Marandi wood handle
  • Good length
  • Nice edge retention
  • The exact expectation for the price


  • May rust if not taken proper care
  • The handle may be big for some hands

#3 Moorhaus D2 Handmade Bowie Knife

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The knife gives a neat and clean look which is because of the mirror polished steel blade and the multi-colored micarta handle. The knife has a clip point which can easily hold the things in the grip.

The steel is strong and reliable which has been tempered to 60-62HRC. The leather sheath is hand-made and ensures safe carry. The mirror polished look gives a sleek look.

The polished steel extends to the guard and helps in protecting the fingers while using. The length of the blade is 9.5 inch with the knife length reaching to 15.25 inch which is a big sized bowie knife.

The knife also gives a classy and professional look. The knife is sturdy enough to deal with all tough cutting jobs in the camping and hunting activities. The knife holds a good edge and can be used to gut the deer and also used in skinning.

The full tang handle gives strength to work with the wood. The handle does not have grooves for extra grip while using. But a great knife to use and expect from a Bowie variety.


  • Classy looking knife
  • Commendable blade and the edge
  • Good for the price


  • No grooves for extra grip
  • Heavy on some hands

#4 Moorhaus Damascus Steel Bowie Knife with Leather Sheath

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The Moorhaus Damascus knife is one sort of must buy knives that have exclusive handmade effort. The knife has a sharp and clean edge with long-lasting sharpness. The length of the knife is 15.5 inch, and the length of the blade is 7.5 inch.

The steel guard is present on the upper side to prevent any accidental injury by the blade while working. The handle is made of hardwood, and there is an o ring which can be used to tie any Paracord for any carry.

The full tang handle provides comfortable and strong balance while cutting anything hard. The knife can be used as a hunting, camping and also decorative knife.

The leather sheath is durable to hold the long knife. The knife has a clip point that is useful for any skinning and cleaning the game. The handle comes with two straps which helps you to secure on the belt for easy and comfortable carry.

The handle has two grooves that afford strength and grip when working. The knife has a unique pattern and design and also the blade seems to be a genuine Damascus steel made.


  • Beautiful knife
  • Works great
  • The handle is strong and balances while using
  • The handle is not too big for normal sized hands
  • Grooves are pretty helpful to get a good grip


  • If not taken care, the blade may form rust

#5 Poshland Handmade Damascus Steel with Wood and Bone Handle

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The knife has a sharp edge, and the tip of the blade is clip pointed like any other bowie knives. The knife can be used especially for hunting but also other utility. The Handle of the bone is unique in the making and combination.

The handle has wood and bone combination, which is fused and ensures strength and balance while dealing with anything. The blade length is big and measures about 10.25 with the overall length of 15.25 inches.

The handle has two grooves, which makes comfortable while holding the knife for working with wood or any tough things. The steel guard extends on both sides to protect the fingers from injury.

The leather sheath has greater durability, and the Marandi wood handle contributes to the long-lasting usage. The beauty and the elegance of the knife attract in one sight.


  • High in quality
  • Does what is meant for
  • Affordable price for a Damascus blade knife
  • Long blade
  • Strong bone and Marandi wood handle
  • Grooves for added grip


  • Spacers are skeptical
  • Rusting is sure if not dried after use

#6 Condor Tool & Knife, Jungle Bowie knife with Santoprene Handle

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This knife is the longest of all the above-discussed knives. The simple looking efficient hunting knife measures about 16 ¼ inches in overall length and 11 inches of blade length.

The handle of the knife is made of Santoprene material which is trusted for its durability and sturdiness. The blade is made of high carbon steel which also has a sharp edge and has good edge retention.

The black oxide finish helps in preventing rust and also adds extra style and tactical look to the knife. The handle gives grip and also stays soft on hands while using. Also, the knife is lightweight when compared to the other knives with wooden handle.

The Santoprene guard on both the sides of the blade protects the finger from being hurt. The Santoprene guard extends on both sides. The leather sheath is durable enough to carry along the jungle, and the knife can be a significant helping partner in your wild journey.


  • Simple tactical knife with efficiency
  • Long blade
  • Easy and comfortable handling
  • Worth for the price
  • High carbon steel, rust free
  • Quality sheath


  • The blade may not be as strong as Damascus steel blade


  1. Does every knife have a clip point blade?

Yes, every above-listed Bowie knife has a clip point blade.

  1. Does every knife have a full tang?

Yes, almost most of the knives have a full tang.

  1. Does every knife have the guard?

Yes, every knife has the guard.

  1. What material is the guard?

The material of the guard comes as the material of the handle or blade.

  1. Does every knife come with the sheath?

Yes, every knife comes with a sheath.


Before buying the Bowie knives, you have to be clear in the purpose for what you need one. Bowie knives have different usage and utility, so it is better always to analyze the need. Minimalist knives cannot be used for cutting the wood and bushes, but lengthy knives can be used for cutting the tough wood, branches or also few trees.

It is advised to follow the knife regulation in your country before buying the knife. Also, it is good to take proper care of the blade after use to encourage the long-lasting look and work.


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